My works are defined by a collaboration with artist with different backgrounds. The projects range in format, taking place on stage, in museums, at specific locations and vary in duration and in the choice of perspective (from head-on to open spaces in which the audience can move freely).
I am interested in process. Processes are fluid, always changing, like statements of relationship. I try to live an aesthetically conditioned process that is always reassessing its own path. This practice leaves marks, the traces of my process.Performance is process in the making, in the here and now of the situation. Through my performances I intend to create aesthetic experiences. Living aesthetically is living as if the present was our goal, as if the self and the world we are creating through our actions were a work of art worth attending to with all our energy, care, and devotion.
Everything coincides in the present moment. I have been interested in the complex intermeshing of past, present and future in the body. To me, the skin is a permeable structure and inside and outside of the body are place that need to be think. Events of a political, social, economic and cultural nature inscribe themselves. The body is in the world, the world is in the body. What do we incorporate, what do we disincorporate?
Space is also a body with incorporations. In the space surrounding the body the present sits, stands, flies, rests and pulsates along with its past and its projected future. I try to find physical outlets, with the aim of understanding the complex present as a moving body that I can help to shape.
When the energy of a movement becomes more important than its form, this is probably the best way to discover which driving forces are waiting in the body’s cells to be triggered into action.








Artist / Choreographer
Artistic Director / Planning & Management
Feldenkrais Practitioner

Yoko Koike started her career as a ballet dancer and moved her field of practice into contemporary dance in 2008 to undertake her creative process in exploring the sensitivity of a physical body and senses. She incorporates the idea of Feldenkrais Method into the practice based on her background in ballet. Over the years, Yoko built her career as a dancer and a choreographer by taking part in a number of performances and festivals in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Working in the field of art including music, visual arts, literature, Feldenkrais Method and Butoh have led to her own expression of work. Alongside her practice, Yoko has been a part-time lecturer at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences since 2019 and currently pursuing her research in exploring new ways of artistic expression beyond the constraints of dance practice at Kyoto University of Arts.

She has produced and managed various projects, including "SAI International Dance Festival" in 2017, "DANCERS' NEST" in 2018, and "Collective・Research/Create/Perform"in 2019 etc.

  • Freelance Choreographer & Dancer / 2009 - Ongoing
  • Designare Movement Residency Choreographer & Dancer / 2013 -2018
  • “Dance House KOGANE 4422"Residency Choreographer & Dancer / 2018 - 2019
  • Producer of “DANCERS’ NEST” / 2018
  • DEVIATE.CO / 2012 -2017
    Producer of SAI International Dance Festival / 2016 -2017
  • Director of "Saitama City Ballet" / 2000 - Ongoing
    Matsuyama Ballet Company Dancer / 1995 - 1999
  • NBA Ballet Company Dancer / 1999 - 2002



Online Performance "ENGMAーHole" / Tokyo


DanzINC Festival 2020 “ENIGMA PROJECT" / Singapore


Inspection“Novi Sad 2021” with the support of the EU Japan Fest / Serbia 

A part‐time teacher “dept. Media Art of Nagoya Gakugei University” / Japan

Performance “Myth of a Bird”/ Korea

Program Director of “Collective・Research/Create/Perform” / Japan 


Zawirowania Festival / Poland
Dance Cosmopolitan in Seoul / Korea

Producer of “DANCE HOUSE KOGANE4422” and “DANCERS’ NEST” / Japan 


Dance Bridge International / Japan

Small Theater Festival / Korea

Dance Cosmopolitan in Bangkok / Thailand

International Residence Performance / Bulgaria

Producer of “SAI International Dance Festival”/ Japan 


Memorial Gala Performance Seoul International Choreography Festival / Korea 7th DanzINC –

International Dancers & Choreographers Residency Festival International Choreographers’ Platform / Singapore

International Dance Festival “New Dance for Asia” / Korea

Festival of “Daejun Young Choreographer Festival” / Korea

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival / Japan 


won “Head jury prize” in “Seoul International Choreography Festival” / Korea

Festival of “Sibu International Dance Festival 2015” / Malaysia

Festival of “Busan International Dance Festival" / Korea

Festival of “International Modern Dance Festival” / Korea

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival / Japan 


"The 2014 Gwangju Dong-gu Road Art Festival” / Korea

Festival of "JAPAN DANCE WEEK Nights of the Rising Sun” / Israel

Seoul International Choreography Festival / Korea 


"Gwangjin International Summer Dance Festival" / Korea

Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival / Japan

Seoul International Choreography Festival / Korea

Dance and Environment Project / Japan


  • 2015 won “Head jury prize” in “Seoul International Choreography Festival” / Korea
  • 2015 won “Third prize” in “Seoul International Choreography Festival” / Korea
  • 2010 won Audience prize ”FUKUOKA DANCE FRINGE FESTIVAL” / Japan


  • 2017-2019
  • Kyushu International Dance Competition / as a judge / Japan
  • SAI International Dance Festival / as a producer / Japan
  • 2012
  • "International Ballet Seminar 2012” as a teacher / Italy


  • 2014 Certified STOTT PILATES Teacher
    2009 Certified Franklin Method Educator Level1 Teacher
    2008 Certified Feldenkrais Method Practitioner
  • 2005 Certified Gyrokinesis Teacher Level1