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What’s “Cloud Nine

A project performance unit “Cloud Nine” produced by Yoko Koike

National Weather Service classifies weather situations of clouds into 9 types.
“Cloud Nine” means one of the cloud types “cumulonimbus” which include means of "rising very high comfortably” or “ a stage to lead gradually spiritually enlightened”.
Furthermore, it expresses a state of mind free from delusion like an artisan creating a masterpiece or accepting an inspiration or a dancer performing perfectly with great techniques naturally.

Busan International Dance Festival 2015

Reflected image - resonance -』

Choreography : Yoko Koike
Dancer:Tomomi Kosano, Sato Oikawa, Misaho Yajima, Yuki Nakamura, Yoko Koike

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Date:Fri, 06/12/2015 19:00〜
Venue:Haeundae Beach Special Stage

Choreography : Yoko Koike
Dancer : Sato Oikawa, Tomomi Kosano, Yuki Nakamura, Misaho Yajima, Yoko Koike

Festival Date:Fri, 06/12/2015 - Tue,06/16
Location:Haeundae Beach Special Stage, Busan Cultural Center
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The original piece “Reflected Image" was created in 2009 to focus a theme of interests which exploring an existence of a image beyond words.

A color is classified into two types. One is the color which is created when a light gets through objects. Another is the result of reflecting lights from objects. How do we chose what to see and ignore from our own perspectives? What does an image mean for us beside our emotions, stories or logics? It is going in and out at a door of visible or invisible worlds, which doesn't exist certainly like appearing or disappearing. Why are people impressed with images? What of the image does make people like that?

While I was creating this choreography as a group piece, I focused on "energies". I sometimes feel the “energies” or the “universe”, and one of the places that I feel them is at a church. I imagine how many people pray and confess at this place.

I don’t belong to any religions, but I was impressed with one experience that was happened when I visited to Israel. I saw the rock where Jesus Christ lied down and passed away. The rock is symbolic place for people all over the world, and they visit there with their agonies or sufferings. Many people were stroking it absorbedly or putting photos with someone special on it and shedding tears. As I was observing the situations, I felt like falling into a deep hole and felt tears were going along my cheeks. That was the experiences I was drawn into whirlpool of “energies”, and my tears were came up unconsciously.

We can share something even if we don’t believe same religions, have different curter and race.
People tend to remember a sadness more than a happiness. Sometimes the sadness overwhelms people, and they can’t forget and handle sufferings or misfortunes.
Nevertheless, people go through lives.
People keep going their own journeys along with concealing their hearts something unforgettable.

What is life and death?
What does time mean to us?

Sounds of a blood flow from a womb.
Undulations of waves.

Infinitely deep.

Something that circumfuses everything and makes them sonant.


Tomomi Kosano 小佐野 智美

Tomomi studied BA in dance at Roehampton University where she received a first class degree, and joined Map dance in University of Chichester, completing an MA in Performance Dance. Since then Tomomi performed in Crossroads (by Luca Silvestrini), the Olympic closing ceremony, Letter to My Father/Crush (by Apple Yang: Appetite Dance Productions), Silversmith dance theatre, Dance film: Net of Life (by Lucy Ridley: The People Pile), Resolution 2013 (Yamato-Nadeshiko by Ryota Kodera; Does My… Do I? by Leda Franklin; Piece of Mosaic by Elena Jacinta), Dear Lido (by Rosie Whitney-FishRosie: Whitney-Fish & Company), Coda Dance Company, IJAD dance company Bicycle Ballet, Dance Film: Faraday's Cage (Choreography by Anna Buonomo and directed by Terry Braun), Hidden Fields (Choreography by Laura Kriefman: The Guerilla Dance Project).

Misaho Yajima 矢嶋 美紗穂

Misaho began training in ballet 3 years old from her mother.
She joined "Kyoko Yamamoto Ballet", "the Japan Junior Ballet by Akiko Tachibana", "the National Ballet Academy of Moscow", "NBA Ballet company".
She is a freelance now.
She is expanding the range of activity as dancer.

Sato Oikawa 及川 紗都

Joined Shimada ballet academy since 1998.
In 2009, joined Tokyo City Ballet School and after 2 years, became to a member of Tokyo City Ballet.
In 2012, joined Noism as an apprentice until 2014. Noism is the first official contemporary dance company in Japan, directed by Jo Kanamori.
In addition, joined Nederlands Dans Theater Summer Intensive 2013.

Yuki Nakamura 中村 優希

She began classical ballet from the age of 3 in "Kawasaki Miyuki ballet school".
In 2006, won "the Japan Ballet Association Certification".
Currently, she is a student in "Japan Women's College of Physical Education (dance majors)”.
She is interested in contemporary dance and improvisation.