The Water of September

Dance/Choreograph : Yoko Koike
Music : Norihito Ishii
Marbling artist:sasuraimario

Duration : 20min
Prermiere : 2015. 7. 22
selected “Daejun Young Choreographer Festival”
selected “Daegu International Dance Festival”
won 3rd prize & Head jury prise
“Seoul International Choreography Festival 2015”
selected “Dance “Quatre-Quarts" project N ゚8 " -
La saison de la poire - ”

The concept of this piece is based on my experience that I almost lost all because of the water disaster.
I face to fear and uncertainty sensation of overwhelmed loneliness.

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Dance/Choreograph : Yoko Koike
Music : yokotsuka yuuya
Lighting adviser : Norihito Ishii

Duration : 20min
Prermiere : 2013. 6. 30

selected as one of finalists "Seoul International Choreography Festival”

I call someone, and the whole word turns around.
At that moment, I cease to exist.

Life, gender, breeding, death...

I am the alpha and the omega.
The beginning and the end.
The world love me,so I can be alone forever.


Reflected Image

  • Choreograph : Yoko Koike
  • Dance : Satoshi Nakagawa・Madoka Kobayashi・Yoko Koike
  • Music : Yoko Koike
  • 演出/振付:小池陽子
  • 出演:中川賢・小林円香・小池陽子
  • 音楽編集:Yoko Koike

“Reflected Image" was created in 2009 to focus a theme of interests which exploring an existence of a image beyond words. A color is classified into two types. One is the color which is created when a light gets through objects. Another is the result of reflecting lights from objects. How do we chose what to see and ignore from our own perspectives? What does an image mean for us beside our emotions, stories or logics? It is going in and out at a door of visible or invisible worlds, which doesn't exist certainly like appearing or disappearing. Why are people impressed with images? What of the image does make people like that?

We can share something even if we don’t believe same religions, have different curter and race.
People tend to remember a sadness more than a happiness. Sometimes the sadness overwhelms people, and they can’t forget and handle sufferings or misfortunes.Nevertheless, people go through lives. People keep going their own journeys along with concealing their hearts something unforgettable.

Duration : 20min
Prermiere : 2009. 8

  • 2015, selected " Busan International Dance Festival."
  • 2010, won prize “FUKUOKA DANCE FRINGE FESTIVAL.”

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Dance/Choreograph : Yoko Koike
Music : Toru Yamanaka
Dramaturg : Shinya. B

振付/出演: 小池陽子
音楽: 山中透
ドラマトゥルク: シンヤ.B

Duration : 18 min
Prermiere : 2012. 1. 21

2012, selected as one of finalists "Seoul International Choreography Festival



Hallucinations of sleep is revealing.
Something irritates me.
Thinking circuit is expanded.
Consciousness is discharged.

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ざ ま ZA MA

Dance/Choreograph : Ryo Takenoshita ・Yoko Koike
Music/Visual Edit : Yoko Koike

演出/出演: 竹之下亮 ・ 小池陽子
音/映像編集: Yoko Koike



Prermiere : 2013. 1. 11